16-wheeler truck plunge into shattered Roxas Blvd. road

Photo of a 16-wheeler truck passing by the Roxas Blvd. road has gone viral.

A post in Dashcam Philippines FB page showed an accident where a large truck plummeted. Apparently, the road shattered and the truck fell into the crack.

According to the caption –

“Some of our roads are not designed to carry this much load. I think truckers specially of 16 wheeler trucks loaded with sand should know that, right?...Tayo na mapeperewisyo nito ang mapapakamot na lang ng ulo sa mga uri ng drivers na ganito.

It was mentioned that this incident happened at Rajah Sulayman exit to Roxas Blvd from the East Service Road during night time.

Another post showed photos taken at broad daylight.

It will be seen that the road was badly damaged and more than half of the 16-wheeler truck was trapped.

There were several reactions from netizens. There were those who blamed the government, particularly DPWH . One netizen was alarmed upon noticing that that the road was unfilled or had a hollowed-out space from underneath. Some let out accusations that the foundation of the road was weak as it is a result of a substandard project.

Some netizens called-out the truck driver for using the service road and that possibly the truck went over the allowed wight limit.

Here are the photos-

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