16 yr old in motorcycle cut into pieces in Ilocos Norte accident

A super tragic Ilocos Norte accident claimed 2 lives of teenagers on the spot.

According to reports, the accident happened yesterday afternoon at Brgy. Magnuang, Batac, in the province of Ilocos Norte. The victims were riding a Mio motorcycle that hit a large truck.

The passengers were two male teenagers. One of which was identified to be 16 years old only.

This Ilocos Norte motorcycle accident was a gruesome one as the 16 year-old teen’s body was dismembered. He unfortunately went under the wheels of the truck. The victim’ body was cut and half and one of his limbs was also separated. Some of the body parts were scattered on the road.

Some of the graphic photos were shared online by netizens. Below are some of the FB posts.

Warning: The following posts have graphic content.

From DZJC Aksyon Radyo FB Page. Click here to see the full post

Click here to see the full post

Here are some of the videos posted online. In one of the videos, a woman will be seen hysterical. Looks like she is the mother of one of the casualties whose body also went under the truck.

Disclaimer: The following videos may show graphic images, viewer discretion is advised.

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