Super Funny Video: 2 girls fight not to swallow 1 cockroach

A crazy video is going round Youtube and Facebook that is sure to give viewers that icky feeling.

Remember the gross challenges of Fear Factor that included eating bugs, grasshoppers, hissing roaches? Well to give a hint, this is something close.

Confirmed as a game show in Japan called AKBingo , the show features various “weird” challenges. Two Japanese guys dressed as referees act as the facilitators. At the start of the game, the referee ejects a ball from a box with the skull and bones logo. There ball will be used by 2 all-girls team who will play touch ball. The person who is hit by the ball is penalized by facing a challenge.

Two Japanese girls, One Cockroach challenge

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Now after the 3rd ball , there were 2 girls who were hit and an insect challenge was set for them.Here’s the demo that was shown to the 2 girls.

Two Japanese girls, One Cockroach challenge

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No here’s how this outrageous challenge went. Watch the actual video of “Two Japanese Girls, One cockroach” challenge.

The poor insect that was dragged back and forth was a Cicada. At the end of the challenge, the loser is seen eating up the insect. (Full video here)

Two Japanese girls, One Cockroach challenge

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AKBingo is is a Japanese television variety show starring Japanese idol girl group AKB48 and hosted by owarai (comedy) duo Bad Boys. The show is broadcast Wednesdays at 24:59 JST (Thursday 0:59 JST) on Nippon Television (Source:Wikipedia).

This “Two Japanese girls, One Cockroach” challenge was in AKBingo’s Episode 337 150428.



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