Guide for 2016 Election Voters: COMELEC Online Voters List

The 2016 Elections is just 4 days away, have you checked where is your assigned precinct? Avoid getting lost on May 9! Be ready and know where is your assigned precinct by using the COMELEC Online Voters List.

As described in Comelec’s website –“This page presents the List of Registered Voters by Precinct who are allowed to vote in the upcoming May 9, 2016 National and Local Elections. Select your Province, City/Municipality, Barangay, and your Precinct No. to view the list.”

Just by providing the required details, voters will be able to locate their assigned precinct for voting.

Here’s a step-by step guide for voters:

  • Go to Comelec’ official website –
  • Click the Online Voters List Icon found just below the moving slide of the page.

COMELEC Online Voters List

  • Select from the drop-down list of the following required information:

Province, City / Municipality, Barangay, Precinct

If you are not sure of what precinct is assigned to you, do a name search in this COMELEC Online Voters List.

  • Choose any Precinct in the drop-down.
  • Click “View Precinct Voter List” icon.The list will be shown in alphabetical order.
  •  At the lower right of the search table is a search box.
  • Type your last name and hit enter.

COMELEC Online Voters List

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