3 kids abandoned in QC apartment for 3 days

DSWD rescued 3 kids abandoned in QC apartment locked inside for three days.

The oldest was merely 3 yrs.old, and he was with his siblings aged 1 yr. old an an 8-month old baby. According to one of the neighbors, these 3 kids abandoned in QC had no food from the time the parents left.  He and other neighbors handed foods to the kids, but no one attempted to go inside the apartmen even if a window was open. This was out of fear of getting involved in case one of the kids succumb and their fingerprints are all over the place.

Aside from abandoning the children, this neighbor also shared that the kids were also beaten-up when the parents are around. They were also restricted from giving food.

3 kids abandoned in QC apartment

When DSWD arrived in the apartment, the 3 kids abandoned in QC apartment had wounds all over their body. They were brought to DSWD QC where they were immediately cleaned-up and fed. The aganecy’s pediatrician confirmed that the children were suffereing from severe dehydration. Furthermore, the wounds were caused by bacterial infection, which could have lead to a fatal sepsis. The kids will be confined in the hospital to recover.

The kids’ grandmother also arrived during the rescue and was disheartened with what she saw.

The grandmother confirmed that the parents of these 3 kids abandoned in QC apartment were indeed negligent.

Actually same offense happened before which was handled by Baranggay officials. Since this is the second time, the parents will now be facing charges for abandoning their kids.

Here’s the full report by TV Patrol.



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