4-day work week, approved by House panel

A 4-day work week may be a solution to some laborers for a longer time for their family and to improve a work-life balance.

The answer for they this query is just at the tip of our fingers, as the House Committee on Labor and Employment approved a bill allowing a 4-day work week.

But, for every circumstance, there’s always a rule that follows as the proposed 4-day work week would mean to increase the number of work hours per day.

Under House Bill 5068 authored by Baguio Representative Mark Go, if the 4-day work week will prevail, companies may increase the normal 8-hour workday to a 10 or 12-hour workday.

This will allow to lessen the number of days work in a week but increasing the number of hours per day, thus, requiring employees to work  for 40 to 48 hours a week according to the Labor Code.

Based on reports, Go also said that shortening the workweek will allow flexibility and productivity for the company as well as provide work-life balance for the employees.

“If you are working ngayon, for example, you are from Caloocan and you work in Cavite, kung six days ka, ‘yung travel time napakatagal,” Go said. “Makaka-save ang employees even ang employers.”

Reported further, the Bill for the 4-day work week also adjusted the conditions for overtime work, defining it as work beyond eight hours on a normal schedule or 12 hours on a compressed work schedule.

“If they decide to go on a four-day workweek, they have to work 12 hours a day. They will only be paid overtime pag mag-exceed ang 48 hours a week,” Go said.

To emphasize, Go said that the 4-day work week is not  mandatory, as companies may still decide on the work schedules compatible with their business requirements.

As reported, the 2014 resolution from the Civil Service Commission allows government agencies in Metro Manila to implement the four-day workweek if they meet accessibility requirements such as an online service, a one-stop shop, and a functional call center.

As per Go, the Bill institutionalizes this practice.




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