4-month-old baby raped in Cebu, prime suspect arrested

A 4-month-old baby was reportedly kidnapped and raped in Barangay (village) Perrelos in Carcar City, 42 km south of here.

Allegedly, 6 individuals including the infant’s father was eyed as suspects, PO3 Camia Codo of Carcar City Police Station Women’s Desk said.

Codo admitted that they had difficulty finding the perpetrator in the absence of an eyewitness.

According to reported investigations, the infant was taken on before midnight of Wednesday while she was sleeping with her mother inside her home. Only curtains served as door of the house.

The mother and the baby were sleeping inside their home when the assailant went inside the house and took the baby, according to initial investigation by the Carcar City Police Station Women’s Desk.

 The 4-month-old baby was found in a vacant lot at dawn, 100 meters away from the family’s house.

The baby’s grandfather heard a baby’s cry and went out to check.

He found a baby covered in blood and he screamed for help. Recovered from the crime scene was the child’s diaper and a bottle container that smelled of coconut wine or tuba.

When the mother woke up from the noise, it was when they realized that the baby at the vacant lot was their 4-month-old baby.

The mother said that she didn’t notice that her daughter was gone as she was tired and was asleep. The father was also in the other room with their 8 other kids. The victim is the youngest and the 9th child of the couple.

Allegedly, the family’s home is small and unfinished, with curtains serving as their door cover.

The baby was brought to Carcar District hospital where Doctors found lacerations in her private parts which caused the bleeding. They also confirmed that the baby was raped.

In an official statement, Carcar City public information officer Candice Acuña said that the infant was recuperating at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City.

Meanwhile, updates has just came in and the prime suspect in the kidnap and rape of the 4-month-old baby has been arrested.

4-month-old baby

Jonathan Marfe,40, was arrested at his house, which is just ten meters away from the house of the infant’s family. (c) Cebu Daily News

About just 10 meters away from the house of the infant’s family, Carcar Police Cheif Insp. Jose Liddawa said Jonathan Marfe, 40, was arrested at his house.

Allegedly, Marfe had a record of attempted rape in Bohol. Police said he arrived in Carcar City three days before the incident last Wednesday.

According to Liddawa, they tagged Marfe as the prime suspect since he was awake during the time when the baby was abducted and raped.

Liddawa said that around that time Marfe was having a drinking session with three of his friends.

Also, Liddawa said that a witness saw Marfe went inside the house of the victim.

While the evidence they have now are circumstantial in nature, Liddawa said that it is sufficient to prove the guilt of the accused.







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