4th Power : Pinay Performers gets in X-Factor UK 2015

4th Power got 4 yes’es from the 4 judges of X-Factor UK 2015.

This girl group who has just auditioned for UK’s famous talent search X-Factor got Wembley Stadium in London exploding with their powerful performance of pop song “Bang-Bang”. Rita Ora even wanted to be part of their group after watching. A standing ovation from Simon Cowell strongly proved that it was indeed a superb performance.

4th Power X-factor UK 2015

Amazingly, these four little ladies are certified and true-blooded Filipinos! They neither belong /related to any British descent nor reside in the UK . They just flew across the miles from the Philippines to the United Kingdom to fulfill their dream- perform in X-Factor UK in front of Simon Cowell.

4th Power  is a girl group consisting of Mylene, Irene, Celina and Almira . They are binded by their talents and by blood for these singers are sisters from the Cercado/Gollayan clan from Isabela.

Actually the girl group 4th Power are no amateurs in the world of singing competition. Traveling, singing and blending their voices has been an ongoing thing for these sisters.

Searching the internet, it’s a fascination how far this group has achieved! Here are some videos of their “singing journey.”

In 2014, they’ve performed as M.I.C.A for SuperStar K6 , a competition in Korea and reached the finals. Yes they sang Korean songs  without difficulty being Korean fans themselves.

Below is their audition video that even got Ailee, the Beyonce of Korea impressed.


A year earlier 2013, they won as grand champions in WCOPA 2013 Sr. Vocal Group of the World.

But of course where else did these talented sisters started their stint? It was in “It’s Showtime” in 2012 that these girls first had their spotlight. Known back then as Gollayan Sisters, they sang phenomenal song “5th Element,” with their mom. They also ended up as grand winners in this contest.

No surprise they initially got judges’ nods and audience applause in their UK X-Factor 2015 audition.

Now, will 4th power fill-in a spot in Simon Cowell’s line-up of discoveries such as One Direction and 5th Harmony?

Let’s wait and see.

Meanwhile, here is their audition video.




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