Tsunami Warning issued after 8.3 Chile Earthquake

A magnitude 8.3 earthquake truck off coast of Chile, Wednesday evening, Sept. 16, local time. The quake was initially measured as 7.8 but later revised to 8.3.

8.3 Magnitude Chile Earthquake 01



8.3 Chile Earthquake September 16

The epicenter of the earthquake was measured 71 km from the coast of Illapel and 246 km from Santiago capital. With a depth of only 10 km, the shaking generated tsunami which prompted government officials to issue forced evacuation of all resident near the coast line. The first wave reached the city within minutes after the announcement. A 4.5 meter (15 feet) water rise was measured via Tide Gauge in Coquimbo.

Chile Earthquake Tsunami September 16



The US Geological Survey (USGS) issued Tsunami Watch over the islands of Hawaii. First wave is expected to hit at around 3am (local time).

Chile Earthquake Tsunami Advisory Pacific Region

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center also released a Tsunami Advisory to all countries in the Pacific region to monitor sea level. If waves tend to be destructive, it could reach the shores of Japan between 8 and 10 pm, September 17, Thursday.

Chile Earthquake Pacific Tsunami Forcast

Tsunami Model following Chile Earthquake:

Chile Earthquake Pacific Tsunami Warning

PHIVOLCS issued a Tsunami Advisory to all coastal provinces in the Eastern part of the country to monitor updates as soon as they become available.

8.3 Chile Earthquake PHIVOLCS Tsunami Advisory


These are tweets of the destruction caused by the shaking and evacuation of local resident in Chile. Mostly old-style houses were damaged and one casualty has been reported.



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