8 other convicts lined up for execution in Indonesia

For the past days we have all prayed and hoped for Mary Jane Veloso . We came to know about her life and family.

Now that the execution of Mary Jane Velasco is nearing, news reports has brought to light the other 8  convicts for execution in Indonesia.

Here are their profile and story .

8 convicts for execution in indonesiaAndrew Chan 

Andrew is from Australia and was arrested with eight other Australians April 2005. He is not a drug carrier, but was the leader of the group that entered Indonesia with heroine. After years of imprisonment, Andrew was said to  have changed ways and has become religious.

He married his Indonesian girlfriend, Febyanti Herewila last night at the the prison island , Nusa Kambangan.


8 convicts for execution in IndonesiaMyuran Sukumaran 

He was arrested with Andrew Chan in 2005. He also hails from Sydney, Australia and used to work in a mailroom. He spent his prison years nurturing his talent as a painter.He even worked with  Australian painter Ben Quilty .

Below is his final artwork  which was signed at the back by the other prisoners in death row.

8 convicts for execution in Indonesia

Photo from theguardian.com

Rodrigo Gularte

He is from a wealthy family in Brazil and is diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Reports say that he quit 3 colleges and was hospitalized twice for drug abuse. He was arrested in 2004 when he entered Jakarta with 6 kgs. of cocaine secretly inserted in a surfboard. His mental illness was raised by his lawyers , pointing out that Rodrigo is not fit for trial.  A second examination was done as ordered by Indonesia’s attorney general. The results were not publicized though.

8 convicts for execution in Indonesia

Photo from theguardian.com

8 convicts for execution in IndonesiaRaheem Agbaje Salami

Also known as Jamiu Owolabi Abashin, he is a Nigerian and was homeless in Bangkok. In 1999, he was arrested in Surbaya for carrying 5.5kg (12lb) of heroin. According to him, a “new friend” paid him $400 in exchange of bringing clothes to Indonesia. He had a lighter punishment in 1999, which is life imprisonment. However, in 2006 it was amended to death penalty.

Salami attempted to sway this verdict by admitting that he had knowledge of the drugd he was carrying. This was not heeded by the Indonesian government.


8 convicts for execution in indonesiaSilvester Obiekwe Nwolise

Also a Nigerian, he was arrested for bringing in heroin that is just a bit more than 1 kg. Being unemployed, he resorted to a job in Pakistan. It is where he was asked to swallow the said pills that contained goat horn powder . During his trial, he had no translator and his Indonesian lawyer had challenges in communicating. He married an Indonesian while in prison who bore his 2 children.




8 convicts for execution in indonesiaMartin Anderson

Carrying a fake passport, he traveled to Indonesia as a Ghanian. He is another Nigerian to be in death row. In 2004, he was arrested for possessing 50g of heroine. He obtained a gunshot wound in his leg during his arrest by Indonesian authorities.



chan 11Okwuduli Oyatanze

In 2002, he was arrested and sentenced to death for bringing in 2.5 kg of heroine inside his stomach. He is known to be the “The Death Row Gospel Singer,” During his incarceration, he  wrote more than 70 songs and recorded multiple albums. Before being a drug carrier, he used to travel to Indonesia for his garment business, which eventually closed.


8 convicts for execution in indonesia

Photo form ny.com

Zainal Abidin

An Indonesian who was accused of being a leader of drug smugglers. As per reports, sacks of marijuana were raided at his home in 2000. Abidin however claims that he is not involved in drug dealing . He also claimed that the drugs were brought to his house by his 2 friends, who were also arrested but was pardoned.


8 convicts for execution in indonesia

Photo from ny.com

A French national named Serge Atlaoui was supposed toadd to the count of the 8 convicts for execution in Indonesia. He was however momentarily reprieved for another case review. He was working as a welder in a factory producing ecstacy when he was arrested. He claims did not know the illegal operation of the factory.




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