A Baby weighing 10 ounces heads home

Another miracle baby who weighs only 10 ounces at birth survived. The recorded smallest surviving baby named E’Layah Faith Pegues who was born in Carolinas Health Care System finally moved home after more than four months of fighting after she was born.

In an interview by International news station Dr. Jessica Clarke-Pounder, a neonatologist at Levine Children’s Hospital was quoted as saying, “It’s a miracle that she survived even today, so I think had she been born 10 or 16 years ago, it’s very unlikely that she would’ve survived”. 

How improved is the reported 10 ounces baby now?

According to news reports, E’Layah now weighs 5 pounds 8 ounces, with the help of a special formula packed with extra nutrients that was given to her through a feeding tube. Doctors described her diagnosis as “guarded” and might face challenges in the future, but good to know that she’s growing and developing well.

Megan Smith, the mother of E’Layah said to news station report that she’s nervous and delighted to finally bring her home. She said that five months into her pregnancy with E’Layah, she suffered from high blood pressure and nearly had two strokes. Upon noticing that E’Layah has stopped moving, the doctors immediately performed an emergency C-section.

E’Layah has two older brothers who haven’t seen her since the day she was born. “I want to know who she is because she is feisty, she fought to be here”, Smith concluded to news station reports.

10 ounces



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