Abby Luna, OFW in Bahrain asking for Help

Help Abby Luna in Bahrain

A Filipina posted a video asking for help which she posted on her Facebook page.

Abby Luna claims that she was allegedly raped by her employer’s son. According to the video, he threatened her that he will bring her to the desert and kill her if she tells anyone about her alleged ordeal. In the video, the Filipina OFW in Bahrain also accused her employer’s son of physical abuse whom she described as a ‘drug addict’.

When she told her employer about the alleged rape, he asked why she did not report it sooner. Although he agreed to send her home, she was told to wait for two months to finish her contract and that she has to pay for her own plane ticket. She is also afraid that she might get pregnant but her employer told her that he will have her checked and if she is, he will have the child removed.  She is now afraid for her life if she stays longer now that she has told her employer about the alleged rape.

Her employer’s residence was posted in the video description in case the DFA or authorities will send help to this OFW in Bahrain .

“”Sna my mkatulong xken n mkontak ang Phil.Embassy ng Bahrain. Klangan q n mkaalis s bhay n2 bgo p mababoy ang ktwan q at bgo aq maibaon s disyerto huhuhu Drug addict ang klaban q,,wla ako ka laban2 dhl bansa nia e2. Pls pls pkiusap pkikontak embassy ng Bahrain

Roundabout 7, Block 1208, Road 812, Flat 813, hamad Town, Bahrain.



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