Afghan man allegedly cuts off his wife’s ears

An Afghan man from  northern Afghanistan allegedly cuts off the ears of his young wife. The report being confirmed by the hospital head caring for the her.

According to reports, the act of brutal violence was done by the Afghan man on Tuesday by attacking the victim, Noor Mohammad Faiz, the director of a hospital in Mazar-e-Sharif.

The young wife, who is only 23-year old and identified as Zarina says her disappointment and refusal to live again with her husband. “I dont want to live with him anymore. I want divorce. I want him in jail,” Zarina told AFP from her hospital bed.

Allegedly, Faiz said that Zarina who was being attacked by the Afghan man and was married at the age of 13, arrived “in critical condition, having lost a lot of blood”.

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“Both her ears are cut. We will try to treat her here. If not, she needs to be taken abroad,” he added.

However, a spokesman for the governor of Balkh, Sher Jan Durrani, said that the suspect, the Afghan man had gone on the run.

“Her husband has fled and is at large. We have started our investigation to arrest him.”

Meanwhile, more than 15 years after the end of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan remains the scene of violence and regular abuse against women, most often perpetrated by spouses or in-laws.

There was also an incident reported in January 2016 wherein a husband cut off his wife’s nose after a dispute in the remote province of Faryab, also in the north.

Unable to be treated in the country, Reza Gul was sent to Turkey. The suspect took refuge in an area controlled by the Taliban to escape prosecution.

Also, last summer, in the province of Ghor, a man set fire to his 16-year-old pregnant wife. The victim, who was married at the age of 14, died at a hospital a few days later as a result of her burns.

Her father, who had exchanged her for a wife for herself, had accused her in-laws of torture. The husband fled to avoid punishment.



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