Airlines start to charge fuel surcharge, airfare expected to increase price

Some local airlines have started implementing fuel surcharge. This is due to the increasing price of aviation fuel.

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific has started to impose the additional charge in their tickets since last week. Air Asia has already filed its application last Friday and is just waiting for approval.

“It is quite important because of the soaring fuel prices and the weakening of the peso against the dollar. Actually the Philippines is one of the last few countries, at least in destinations where we are flying, that implemented the fuel surcharge” said Alexander Lao, president and CEO of Cebgo Inc., which is under the umbrella of Cebu Pacific.

He however explained that fuel surcharge will not cover the fuel cost 100%. Lao explained that it’s only up to 70-80%.

According to reports, although airlines have the freedom to impose fuel surcharge, the amount must be still based on fuel matrix set by the government.

For domestic flights, the estimated range is Php 34 to Php 769. While for international flights it may reach up to more than Php 9,000. The additional charge will be depend on  on the flight distance.

Civil Aeronautics Board ensures that there will be transparency in and  charges will be fair.






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