Alamid vocalist passes away at 49

Alamid vocalist Gary Ignacio succumbed to multiple organ failure yesterday, according to Dakila FB post.

Alamid vocalist Gary ignacio

The full post reads:

“It is with deep sadness that we bid farewell to Gary Ignacio, front man of the 90s seminal rock band, Alamid, and our very own Dakila member. Gary succumbed to multiple organ failure and complications brought about by bone cancer this afternoon at exactly 2:50 pm, April 17, 2015 at the NKTI ICU. He left behind his wife Buena and 3 children.

Unknown to many, Gary is not only the voice behind the iconic song, “Your Love” but an active member of the Malabon community. He co-founded the Malabon Musicians Alliance and under his leadership conducted the Climate School Malabon with Dakila, educating the youth on climate change and environment protection through music and art. He organized the annual Bazurock Concert, calling for a “plastic free” Malabon. Gary is a talented musician, a passionate advocate, and a dedicated family man. He will surely be missed.”

If you we’re born during the 90’s when Pinoy alternative rock genre conquered the airwaves, Alamid vocalist Gary Ignacio is sure to hit your list of popular vocalist.

His voice was not that of the usual growling and screaming we hear from rock stars. Alamid vocalist Gary Ignacio who although has that rock star appeal (long hair, plaid tops and jeans) had a voice spot on for ballads. No wonder Alamid’s “You’re Love” (1995) continues to resound even after almost a decade. As said in one of the FB posts  ” I told him how he helped me woo a lotta of the female folk because of his song (back when I was a teenager).

Other Alamid songs that also hit music charts were  “Just Wasn’t Brave Enough” ,”Still Believe in Love” and “China Eyes”. Of course, they are the only band who had a remake of “Batibot” rock version.

Here is another FB post from photographer Benjie Cruz about last day ceremonies for Gary Ignacio.

gary 3




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