Alex -Toni Gonzaga on-cam fight goes viral

The Alex -Toni Gonzaga on-cam fight featured on a vlog has gone viral.
The video was posted in Alex Gonzaga’s official Youtube account and has now earned more than 2 million views.
Also present in the video was the sibling’s mom and manager Mommy Pinty.
According to the introduction of the video, the intention of recording the vlog was to answer questions from netizens for #AskToni and Alex. But it was mentioned that the Gonzaga sisters instead decided to do a prank for their mom by fighting on-cam.
So Alex began to read some of the online questions and while doing that Toni started to be in character and acted rude.
“Bilisan mo ‘to ha kasi meron pa tayong Bulacan” Toni said.

Alex reacted lightly and carried on, however Toni continued to criticize Alex.

“Minsan kasi para kang walang wisdom sa mga sinasabi mo”, the older Gonzaga added.

At this point Alex responded back by complaining to Mommy Pinty that Toni always made her feel that she’s always wrong even during interviews.

Mommy Pinty sides with Alex and told Toni that she should stop talking if she has said here piece.

The bickering continues all through-out the video .

Until it came to the point that the two pulled-off an  “MMK acting” for this Alex -Toni Gonzaga on-cam fight.

Here is the full video:



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