Alisah Bonaobra pass the X Factor UK Six Chair Challenge

After her impressive audition, Alisah Bonaobra secures a seat in the X Factor UK six chair challenge.

Wearing a red dress, she delivered Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” which got the audience cheering and judges Nicole and Louie up on their seats. She landed a spot on Sharon Osbourne’s team. However, she was bumped off by the next contestant named Grace Davies, of her who sang her own composition that blew everyone’s mind especially Simon Cowell’s.

The audience did not agree with Sharon’s decision and started chanting Alisah’s name.

Sharon made a decision to hear the audience and called back Alisah, Rai-Elle William, and Scarlett Lee back to the stage.

“I am so sorry to make you do this. But what do I do when there’s so much talent here and the audience, I have to listen to the audience. No matter what, I have two chairs and three girls. I want you to do a sing off for me. You are all talented. Don’t forget that” she explained.

Scarlett belted out Celine Dion’s ” Power of Love” , Rai-Elle performed “Break Every Chain” and last to sing was Alisah. Before she performed Sharon had these encouraging words to say
” Come on.. don’t be afraid. Stand your ground!”.

Alisah Bonaobra surprised everyone with her “Bang Bang” performance.

This is not the first time she fought for this once in a lifetime chance! During the first bootcamp, she almost got eliminated in the group perfromance,but pleaded with the judges to give her a chance.

What was the result? Watch the videos below.



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