Alleged Jed Madela flirting Twitter news may result to court case

An alleged Jed Madela flirting Twitter message has urged the Kapamilya singer to file a court case.

A Twitter account under “Entertainment Uptake” ( @Showbiz_Polls) posted a photo on its page with the caption       “Jed Madela FLIRTS with Michael Martinez, the figure skater, on his IG Live“.

The image shows figure skater Michael Martinez chatting in IG live. On the thread was a message from IG account “jedmadelaofficial” saying- “What are you eating??? Gimme some! Hehehe

Jed Madela flirting

A lot of netizens were not happy with this allegedly fabricated malicious news. Here were some of the comments.

Now other netizens were on a serious note giving warning to admin of the Twitter account of possibly facing a court case.


It seemed that  this is where this Jed Madela flirting issue is going indeed!

In his official Twitter account, Jed confirmed that they already have the screenshot of the malicious tweet and as his message said “Forwarding to legal action“.


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