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An alleged Melason (Melai-Jason) break-up letter written by Kapamilya star Jason Francisco is now trending online. The said letter was posted in an IG account @babymelafrancisco. It was a 6-part post addressed to Melason fans that narrated the conflict that happened between the couple.

In the letter, Jason mentioned in the letter that he wanted to he wanted to set the records straight on the rumors that he and her wife Melai Cantiveros are no longer together. Since he is not the type who likes interviews, he decided just to jot it down while doing a Super D taping .

This lengthy and alleged Melason break-up letter circled on Melai Cantiveros’ latest telerserye with Pokwang  – “We Will Survive”.

Jason said that the script/storyline of the said serye has caused them a gap. He pointed out his issue with Melai being paired with co-star Carlo Aquino as his wife and Melai being so busy with work.

From a simple case of not talking to each other, their invisible war lead to having Jason sleep in another room.

In an attempt to fix things, Jason stated that he had made an attempt to request for the change in script/story with the writers and producers. However, he felt that his pleading just fell into deaf ears and because of this he has confirmed that they are indeed separated now.

Majority of the netizens who read the post have raised eyebrows reaction. Many said the Jason should’ve shown better understanding and patience.

Here’s the full post.

Melason 1

Melason 2

Melason 3

Melason 4

Melason 5



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