Alleged Star City accident: Person falls from Ferris wheel

An alleged Star City accident was shared by a netizen via Twitter.

A video was posted by netizen Jojo Castillo under his account @jojocastillo14. In the video, it will be seen that several medic personnel were attending to a person lying on the ground of Pasay City’s amusement park. There were four members of the rescue team with a standby stretcher in the footage.

Also captured n the video was the part where the person who allegedly fell from the Ferris wheel was placed in the stretcher and carried away from the scene.

In the audio, voices will be heard saying that the person may have possibly jumped out of the ride’s cage. A voice will be herd saying “Ayun o nakabukas”.

Towards the end of the footage, video owner Jojo Castillo said that it was not identified if the person was a male or female.

According to Star City’s website, the “Giant Star Wheel” stands 60 meters high with 32 air-conditioned gondolas that can accommodate 6 passengers each.

Here is the full video.




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