Alms and Beggars and Bloggers

On a Saturday noon, while waiting for my cousin in front of a convenience store right under the MRT North Avenue station, we were on our way to attend Nuffnang Blogopolis blogger event in Makati, I saw a homeless man sleeping on the parking area. I don’t think he’s a beggar, just a tired vagrant and a scavenger.

We are almost late. Her car was not available and we are not supposed to take the train because there was a stalled train earlier that day but we have no other choice. I took my phone to sent her a text message asking if she was on her way then put my phone inside my bag while waiting for a reply. Smart phone. 5 digits. Snatchers.


Homeless Beggar
A homeless beggars sleeping on the pavement

Then a guy walked towards the homeless man on the floor and left something beside him. Thinking that it was not close enough, he moved it again next to the old man’s head. It’s a paper bag with a label KFC.

As a blogger and having a firsthand account,

I grabbed back my phone to take a picture of the Good Samaritan but it was too late. He already walked away to take a bus ride but the ironic thing is, he even passed by a GMA Media crew with reporter Bam Alegre inside – too busy checking social media on his phone device for news and probably waiting for another train incident to happen. Too bad he just missed a good news!


A Good Samaritan captured by the blogger
A Good Samaritan captured by the blogger

I am not sure whether the Good Samaritan just happened to be holding a KFC Take-Out or he bought it on purpose for the homeless man. He could have bought it for someone else but when he saw the old man his heart melted and gave it away.

Kindness is given, not asked.
Unlike other beggars you see on the streets, in the jeepneys or sometimes inside the mall, they will hand out small envelopes with inscriptions like “Help” or “Thank You” asking for some alms. A beggar will sit next to you on your dining table trying to sell you sweets annoyingly imploring that it will aid them in their education or their ailing mother.

What else could be worse than a beggar asking for your left-over food and have it wrapped for Take Out even when you haven’t paid your bill yet then they will leave immediately after handing them over your food.

Like this lady beggar on the picture on the right in Trinoma. She came out from a restaurant with a paper bag and gave the bag to another person then she entered the restaurant where I was dining and came out with another Take-out. I tweeted the picture to Trinoma and they acknowledged the information.

Beggar roaming inside the mall
Beggar roaming inside the mall

I am not new to blogging. The last time I blogged for my year-long work-travel story was 11 years ago on another social networking site, but I am new to this platform team so I am back as a blogger. I just joined  three weeks ago and our CEO, Jason Frondozo, purchased tickets for me and my cousin to attend a bloggers’ convention in Dusit Thani in Makati this February 21st. My cousin even tried joining Nuffnang Instagram Free Tickets Contest days before the event but did not win. She was the one who introduced me to the team. This was the first time I attended such event and handed out my calling card with the words ‘Writer/Blogger‘ adding to my other credentials as a teacher.

For what is worth attending Nuffnang Blogopolis, here are a number of useful tips for a newbie blogger like me from the speakers –

I learned that you need to explore outside your comfort zone, see the world to get ideas, to experiment with contents and tell the story as you have seen it with your own eyes as honestly and truthfully as possible.

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2015 is insightful for a comeback blogger like me

And finally, do not get into “Source-cery,” according to ANC’s Tony Velasquez. There is a saying that Beggars can’t choose, but I am not a beggar so I can choose my own Topic! I am looking forward for next year’s Nuffnang event to see what I have become as a blogger.

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