Alyanna Martinez: “Don’t judge based on the false rants of one single person.”

Daughter of Albert and Liezl Martinez speaks her heart out to false rants involving her deceased mother, Liezl Martinez and the whole family.

Alyanna Martinez
Martinez Family – Alyanna, Alfonso and Alyssa, with Albert


In her Instagram post on March 17, Alyanna reacts and makes it known to the public that an anonymous person is now making false stories about her mother and the whole Martinez family.

She stands her ground that the truth will prevail as to who really cares about her mother, Liezl Martinez.

Alyanna’s post says it all:

Alyanna Martinez
Alyanna’s Instagram post on March 17

Is Amalia Fuentes the one being accussed?

Many are wondering if the post pertains to her grandmother, Amalia Fuentes, as the latter has reportedly walked out during the cremation ceremony of Liezl Martinez. It is for the reason that Amalia was not given the privilege to give a final message to her daughter Liezl. To add, Amalia was also disappointed that she and her husband Romeo Vasquez presence were not acknowledged.

In an interview, Amalia Fuentes was still vocal about her feelings toward Albert Martinez as she was admittedly affected by the way Liezl had treated her since being married to Albert.

Liezl was only 18 years old when she had gone to Las Vegas with Albert to settle and get married. Since 1985, Amalia said that she was being “shut-off” in Liezl’s life and that she remained being in the sidelines. According to Amalia Fuentes, she remained silent to give respect to their married life. During Liezl’s demise , she released an emotional statement from a hurting mother saying ..“So, for the longest time, I was never part of their life, but I was always there for her.”

Other post made by Alyanna on Instagram
Hours after the cremation ceremony, Alyanna further shared a post saying: “Love and respect is earned. Not a right.”

Also, in a photo with her mother posted in Instagram, it goes with the caption of “No one can hurt you now and that’s the only consolation I can take.” Another striking line from Alyanna’s  was this: “Watch over us as we go thru these trying times as a united family. Those that matter know the truth. Those that don’t, don’t matter.”

A strong Alyanna is not shaken off by the false rants of this unnamed person she was referring to. She has with her the heart of a fighter who believes that truth prevails over all things and not a single person could destroy the strong foundation that her family has.

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