Amazing UCLA gymnast gets perfect 10, video goes viral

A video of a UCLA gymnast that earned a perfect 10 score went viral with more than 17 million views .

UCLA senior Katelyn Ohashi performed a floor routine for
Collegiate Challenge in Anaheim, CA. held at the university. Wearing blue, Katelyn already earned an applause when she pulled-off her first  flawless tumbling .which she continued to do while maintaining a smiling face . She also did some splits and variations of tumbling passes while looking chill as if it were easy to do.

Kately danced on medley of songs like Proud Mary, Dancing Queen and Michael Jackson songs.

After the two-minute routine, it will be seen how delighted the audience was. The stadium was drumming with cheers and clapping.

A card showing 10.00 was raised , meaning this 21-year old UCLA gymnast got a perfect score.

One of Kately’s teammates Kyla Ross also earned a perfect score at the uneven bars, which led UCLA to get the first place spot.

Katelyn is a  a former American Cup champion. She started her collegiate gymnastics career in 2015 after she retired from joining international elite competition. She experienced recurring shoulder and back injuries.

She hails from Seattle and comes from a mixture of  Japanese and German family. Last year she achieved NCAA national title for UCLA.

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