American reporter for ABS-CBN in Tagalog!

An american reporter for ABS-CBN in Tagalog is trending in social media after getting a job as a correspondent in Utah for ABS-CBN North America.

Tagalog-speaking Jared Bray

Tagalog-speaking Jared Bray grew up in Arizona and stayed as a Mormon missionary in the Philippines for two years.

Jared Bray fell in love with the country, the people and the language. “While living in the provinces like Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela and Cagayan, I quickly learned Tagalog and fell in love with the culture and customs of the Philippines,” he said. He felt at home in Cagayan Valley where he stayed during his mission and felt the same warm reception from the Filipinos in any part of the US.

Among the things Filipino he like are adobong sitaw, sisig, daing na bangus, ‘Noypi’ by singer Bamboo, “Two Wives” and “Hay naku!” expression.

He took up broadcasting journalism at Bringham Young University. He has a long list of work experience, which includes working as a reporter for BYU-TV;  being an affiliate of NBC, before becoming a producer; and a full time reporter at KULR-8, a local network channel in Montana, which he found both fulfilling and thrilling.

Jared Bray was just was 26 years old when he applied for a job in ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel (TFC) and was offered a job in Balitang America in 2011.

American Jared Bray

He is passionate about everything Filipino and delivers his news about Filipinos in the US.

In his job with Balitang America, which was his ‘dream job,’ he get to do two things he love the most, reporting and teaching. Aside from being a correspondent, he also teaches journalism and English.

When asked if he is a Filipino he would say, “Americano ako, pero Pinoy naman ang puso at isip, and I think this has been a good fit for me,” Bray said.  He would like to interview Bob Ong and Manny Pacquiao in the future.

Sorry girls, Jared Bray is married with a 2-year old daughter.

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