Angelica Yap a.k.a. ‘Pastillas Girl’ Mom Shot Dead

Teresa Yap, mother of Angelica Yap, It’s Showtime’s “Pastillas Girl,” was shot dead by an unknown gunman Sunday night, November 29 in Caloocan City.

Angelica Yap Pastillas Girl


According to reports, Yap was with one of her daughters and a niece to eat in a restaurant in Tagaytay Street when the gunman approached her from behind and shot her at close range. The gunman fled the scene as her companions and the people came to help.

She sustained a bullet wound at the back of her head. She was rushed to the Chinese General Hospital but was pronounced dead at 9:20pm.

The incident was caught on video by the local barangay’s CCTV. In the video, one of Yap’s companions can be seen rushing to her side as Yap fell on the ground. The other companion ran to ask for help from the people around the area.

Initial reports reveal that Teresa has been receiving a lot of death threats through text messages. However, she was said to have ignored them and refused to report to the authorities.

Authorities have yet to determine the reason behind the threats and the eventual slay.

Upon being informed about the incident, Angelica Yap immediately went to the hospital. According to an interview with the press, Angelica was in Bulacan for a taping of a music video that evening. She added that she was able to at least talk to her mother who was pronounced brain dead but was still breathing when she arrived.

Angelica Yap Pastillas Girl

Angelica Yap gained popularity after she posted a video which became viral showing how to make pastillas (soft candy) while expressing her bitterness towards her ex-boyfriend.

She was later invited by the producers of ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime” to appear in a dating segment called “NasaanKa Mr. Pastillas?” to help her find her “true love”. It became a hit among the show’s loyal followers.



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