APEC Hottie Made Leaders’ Summit Interesting

APEC Hottie
Photo grabbed from Nationalpost.com

APEC Hottie, or its hashtag #APEChottie has made the summit interesting for social media users. It might be something politically incorrect in line with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting but Quartz noted that it has made an impact online.

Reportedly, the Philippines found a way to let people, who are not so into political matters, get attentive to the APEC summit thru a Twitter hashtag: APEC hottie, to choose who among the political leaders look better.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto were the top nominees for the APEC hottie this year. Online publication The Globe and Mail noticed that APEC hottie has been a headline on the front page of a newspaper in Manila on Wednesday, first day of the summit. The broadsheet was polling on “Who’s sexier: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto?” as if the two global leaders are in for an APEC hottie title fight.

The hashtag gained popularity around the time leaders are arriving in Manila on November 17 and most of the activities online came from the Philippines. According to wearesocial.sg, Philippines have 40 million social media accounts and users in the country on average spend over 6 hours on the internet per day. No wonder it can make APEC hottie trending in Twitter.

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