APEC Hotties: Nieto Or Trudeau?

APEC hotties

Photo grabbed from apec2015.ph

APEC hotties are on the roll at least for the Filipino people. According to The Globe and Mail, it has been a headline on the front page of a Manila newspaper Wednesday morning during the first day of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation leaders’ summit.

The broadsheet was polling on “Who’s sexier: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto?” as if the two global leaders are bagging for APEC hotties title.

The National Post noted “the two men aren’t butting heads over economic or environmental concerns, however, nor are they failing to see eye to eye on matters of civil rights or social policy. Rather, Trudeau and Pena Nieto are unwitting (and, one might imagine, unwilling) competitors in a battle to determine which of the pair is, in fact, the ‘APEC hottie.’”

Reportedly, a Buzzfeed poll was also set up to determine which of the two men is more physically attractive or can be tagged as APEC hotties.

According to the same online publication, CNN Philippines also ran a story on Tuesday asking readers “Who is your APEC hottie?” with #APEChottie as the hashtag that is currently trending in the country.

The website also confirmed that the new Canadian prime minister has garnered much international attention for his looks and Nieto on the other hand has been named one of the 15 sexiest men of the year in 2011 in People magazine’s Spanish language edition.



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