Archbishop Ricardo Vidal burial Oct. 26 declared as Cebu holiday

President Rodrigo Duterte declared October 26 (Monday) ,the burial date of Archbishop Ricardo Vidal a Cebu holiday.

Today, President visited the wake of Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal . The archbishop’s remains lay at  Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

It was in his speech that he made this announcement.

I’ll sign the Executive Order declaring a holiday here in Cebu on the day of the burial of His Eminence,”  he said.

The President described the Archbishop Emeritus of Cebu as a “person of peace” . He shared that the archbishop’s “language was always something about spreading love” and that “He did not, he wouldn’t even scold people, he wouldn’t do anything. I know this because I am from Cebu, from Danao,” Duterte added.

Despite the fact that Duterte did have some conflicts with some members of the clergy because of alleged extra-judicial killings related to drugs, Duterete gave calm remarks.

[We’re] all different because we can’t always understand each other. But for as long as we listen to each other, all is good when you listen to other people

Archbishop Vidal passes away on October 18 , at 86 years old due to pneumonia complications.  He was oldest of 4 cardinals in the Philippines.

He was a priest for 61 years, nearly 3 decades as archbishop of Cebu.

Archbishop Ricardo Vidal

Photo from ABS-CBN news




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