How to Avoid Food Poisoning at Home

Don’t we all love to cook healthy food but store leftovers in the fridge for consumption the next day? Or order a lot and take home some leftovers to enjoy it again tomorrow? Food poisoning is prevalent these days. Reheating some food can be toxic for our health and in certain cases, illness or death.

Can microwave oven cause Food Poisoning?

The Healthy Food Team Facebook page shared some tips on which dish or food items should not be reheated for they could become toxic food and can lead to food poisoning.


Mushrooms are fungi packed with proteins. Hot dishes with mushrooms should be eaten immediately. If you store them, they must be eaten cold the next day. The chemical composition of the protein can change when mushrooms are reheated. This could lead to losing their nutrients and can cause several digestive problems.

Chicken and Mushroom could be Toxic Food


Red meat chicken contains more proteins especially the breast part. Just like the mushrooms, their protein composition change when reheated in high temperatures. It is advisable to reheat the chicken slowly in a low flame.


Sunny-side up, scrambled or boiled. Eggs, of course, are very high in protein. There is a high risk of eggs becoming toxic food when reheated in high temperatures. This does not apply to dishes where eggs are used as a sauce.

Reheating food could lead to Food Poisoning


Potatoes are highly-nutritional that should be eaten immediately after being served. Reheating potatoes makes them lose their nutritional properties, makes the flavor weird and can become toxic food. Do not store take-out French Fries in your fridge or better yet consume them after serving.

Celery and Carrot

Most people like their soup mixed with celery and carrots. Celery contains nitrates. Reheating nitrates turn into nitrites that can be harmful for the body and can even become carcinogenic. Remove the celery and carrots when reheating your soup.

It is best to finish your meal after being served rather than being served cold.



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