Your Face Kids : Jazzy Awra Briguela as Louis Armstrong

Comedian Awra Briguela as Louis Armstrong was indeed a different taste of Awra’s performance for this week’s episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.

Awra Briguela as Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong is one of the most influential jazz icons. To look like the 60’s singer, Awra needed to have darker skin and wear a wig. He wore a suit and was holding a trumpet as props. But what was very notable was the big smile Awra wore upon entering the stage.

Sharon burst out a laugh upon seeing Awra.

But what’s really surprising in this Awra Briguela as Louis Armstrong performance is that it was sung live!

Awra tried to imitate the husky/growling voice of Louis Armstrong while singing “What a Wonderful World”.

After his song no., Awra who was also celebrating his birthday, was surprised by his kid colleagues in “Ang Probinsiyanoi” and his sister Nicole. The audience also greeted Awra .

Awra’s sister gave a touching message to Neil (a.k.a Awra) while teary-eyed. A group hug followed after.

For the juries’ comments Gary said that he executed his act right, even if it was a serious one. Ogie jokingly said that he liked “Ben Tisoy” , but commended Awra’s voice. Sharon also said that Awra did very good.

Here is Awra’s video performance.



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