Awra Briguela performs as Grace Jones in Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids

Awra Briguela performs as Grace Jones for this week’s episode.


Awra Briguela performs as Grace Jones

Grace Jones is a Jamaican singer, songwriter, lyricist, supermodel, record producer, and actress known for her disco and new wave genre in the 70’s and early 80’s.  She is also popular because of her extraordinary fashion.

To be like Grace Jones, Awra wore a fashionable outfit. He carried a furry coat and a shiny suede over-all . It was matched by a fierce make-up.

Awra sang  a 1978 song titled “Do or Die” in his live performance.

After his Awra Briguela performs as Grace Jones, Billy jokingly said something about Awra’s mom getting mad.

Billy was referring to Vice Ganda.

Then, Billy dared Awra to copy some poses by models. Afterwhich, Billy said that Awra is definitely the “reyna ng Pag-Awra”.

During the juries’ comments, Sharon said that Awra has always given great performance. Gary said that despite Grace Jones not being know to many, Awra gave a splendid job. hee laso said that Awra has been very consistent with the his performance in the previous weeks. Ogie who was last to say his piece said that he had the charisma of being Grace Jones.

This week is the last week where the grand finalists for  Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids will be determined.

Awra currently is in the fourth place.







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