Ayala Cinema SureSeats Bogs Down April 22

Ayala Mall Cinemas

On Wednesday, April 22, first day for screening Avengers: Age of Ultron, cinema patrons went to the movie house to see the much awaited film ahead of everybody. The mall seemed like a Saturday on a mid-week. A lot of people made online reservations in advance to avoid the hassle of waiting and lining up only to end up disappointed upon arriving at the ticket counter.

Ayala Cinema online site for claiming tickets bogged down today resulting in a long queue.


To patrons’ surprise, the regular lanes for ticket buyers are moving much faster than the lane for those who made advanced reservation. It was ironic that the Ayala Cinema’s campaign to use SureSeats was to avoid long lines, but people last tonight found themselves lining up for more than 30 minutes before they were able to claim their tickets. Other lanes couldn’t cater to online reservation patrons for the system was down and to avoid confusion, transaction of this nature was processed by only one counter.


Upon reaching the ticket counter, the ticket seller asked for the screen cap or printout of the online reservation so that the transaction number can be recorded after which the customer has to write his name down on a list before he is issued a temporary ticket which is to be shown at the cinema entrance along with the screen cap of the ticket reservation before they could be admitted.

Ayala Cinema SureSeats website issued a statement:

“To our valued SureSeats members, please be informed that due to some technical difficulties, the Buy and Reserve features of SureSeats have been temporarily disabled. We apologize for this inconvenience. As of now, we are only accepting over-the-counter transactions. An advisory will be posted once these have been reactivated. Thank you very much.”


As of April 22 before midnight, the site is still down for online reservations and advance ticket purchase.

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