Babies’ funny reaction to new Star Wars movie trailer

“May the force be with you.” is the famous dramatic “Star Wars” line which simply means “good luck”. Much to our amazement, the Starwars fever is on!

Star Wars

Surely this very known quote will once again keep echoing into most of the adult’s minds because of the announcement of another installment of the iconic “Star Wars” franchise. Star Wars: The Force Awakens  will be shown this December after the years-long wait of its avid fans.

To an adult, this brings back memories, but it seems  the younger ones have been held prey to the movie’s epic ripple.Now, even babies have felt the energy!

Babies' funny reaction to new Star Wars

Let’s check the video entitled “BABIES REACT to STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.”

This was posted by an American t.v. show called “America’s Funniest Videos” . Enjoy the cute and “innocent” faces and see how awestruck the little ones while watching!


Have you seen how cute and shocked they were? Seems like they felt the awe of this epic movie franchise.

We now have lots of superhero film recreations and releases throughout the years. But who would’ve forgotten the long urge of each man to escape to the enigmatic galaxies and churn upon the intergalactic adventure of our most favorite space men and alien… and robot as it feeds up our imagination and our childhood memoirs.

After seven (7) blockbusting film releases, Star Wars has definitely taken us all in every inch.

Well then, let’s wait and see how this movie will fare during the holidays.

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