Baby beaten to death by own uncle

A tragic story of a two-month old baby beaten to death in Caloocan made it to the news today.

baby beaten to death

Baby Genesis was punched by suspect Ryan Cornelio, his own uncle. Cornelio was known in their area as a drug addict. He was recently surrendered by his own father to authorities during an Operation Tokhang.

According to the investigation, when Rowena woke-up, Baby Genesis was already lifeless. She noticed that her baby was bleeding so they decided to call the police.

The crime was witnessed by a family member who told the whole story to Rowena. According to the witness Cornelio punched the baby.

Before this tragic incident, Rowena and her brother Cornelio had an argument.

Cornelio resides on the same house with Rowena and is occupying the second floor. The suspect then demanded from Rowena for the door not to be locked even if it’s late night already.

Nino, father of Baby Genesis suspects that Cornelio’s act of revenge was to have their baby beaten to death.

He stated that incarcerating the suspect is not enough to pay for his baby’s life.

The suspect who denies charges is now behind bars with Caloocan police. A murder case has been filed against him.

Baby Genesis will undergo autopsy to determine cause of death.



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