Ellen DeGeneres and netizens tease Interpreter of “Bang! Bang!” Kid

A six-year old John Philip “Balang” Bughaw recently performed his charming moves in the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen came across a raw video of “Balang” dancing the pop song  “Bang! Bang! ” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj and said ” Bring him to me!.”  Cutely dressed with his red shirt and suspenders, “Balang”  appeared on the show to meet Ellen.

Along with “Balang”  was Ms. Danica Doma , who functioned as the interpreter.

Before the “Bang! Bang! ” performance, Ellen had the chance to interview this new Youtube  kid sensation.

During the conversation there was one portion where Ellen asked “Balang” what is he excited about being in US for the first time. He responded ” Sa anu po chocolate…kasi po marami, pero sasakit ipin, pero tootbrush.”

This was translated to English by Danica who said ” There’s a lot of chocolates here and when he eat a lot of chocolates he was able to get a toothache and then he was going to toothbrush his teeth (pronounced as tet) just to avoid a tootache“.  Ellen was nodding her head while listening to Danica and made a comical facial expression and said “ I need another interpreter to interpret that.

Bang Bang kid dance in Ellen DeGeneres Show
Screen cap from EllenTube

Now this  did not go unnoticed from some netizens. In an FB post of Pinoy Viral Videos, some comments expressed criticism on the interpreter’s grammar construction and pronunciation. Here are some of the FB comments.

Balang dance in Ellen DeGeneres Show

On the other hand, there were actually more netizens who sided with Danica. Messages of support were overflowing the thread advising Danica to ignore bashers and be proud of herself being in the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Balang dance in Ellen DeGeneres Show

Among the comments lined-up in the thread, is Danica Doma’s message to voice out her thoughts on this issue.

Balang interpreter in Ellen DeGeneres Show

It was just actually a few gaffe for Danica . She was able to carry on until the end of the interview and her translations were very helpful for “Balang” to express hisself.

Meanwhile, to let the fire die down on this controversy,  here is “Balang’s” live dance performance in Ellen DeGeneres show.






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