Bardilleranz and DWC Aeon Flex PGT Grand Finalists 2018

Bardilleranz and DWC Aeon Flex are the new additions to PGT grand finalists.

In tonight’s episode of Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) Season 6 , Bardilleranz who performed a pull-up bars exhibition act was the Public’s Choice. They garnered the highest number of text and online votes of 39.97%. While the duo from Davao del Norte, DWC Aeon Flex won Judges’ Choice.

Eliminated semi-finalists were Prinsipe Makata from Bulacan, girl group Mad Queens from Manila, pop and lock artist Pedro Lachica from Quezon City and hip-hop dance group Junior FMD Extreme.

As of week 3 of semi-finals , confirmed as PGT Grand Finalists are Kristel de Catalina (Spiral Pole Dance), Xtreme Dancers (Hip-hop Dance), Nocturnal Dance Company (Cultural/Hip-hop Dance) and Orville Tonido (Lip-sync Act), Bardilleranz (Pull-up Bars Exhibition) and DWC Aeon Flex (Acrobatic Exhibition) .

There were 28 semifinalists chosen at the Judges Cull, which was lesser compared to last season’s 36 emi-finalists. There were 23 acts chosen, plus the five Golden Buzzer acts.

Only one more semi-finals week to the finals. Three more acts will be competing on week 4- Joven Olvido (Vape smoke tricks), Rico the Magician (Magic),  and Antonio Bathan Jr. (Spoken word poetry).

Here are the performance videos of this episode’s winners-Bardilleranz  and DWC Aeon Flex.






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