Baron Geisler brother-in-law speaks-up on mauling incident

In a Facebook live video, Baron Geisler brother-in-law aired his side on the recent mauling incident.

Baron posted a photo of his injured face in his IG account . The actor claimed that he was beaten by his brother-in-law whose identity was not revealed. (Read: Baron Geisler show wounded face, mauled by brother-in-law) .

Now a day after this controversy, the nameless Baron Geisler brother-in-law surfaced in social media and shared his side of the story.

Apparently, it was the husband of Grace, Baron’s sister that was involved in the incident. His name is Michael Robinstone Rodriguez Morales.

Michael immediately refuted Baron’s statement and said that the “Tabing Ilog” actor was drunk since afternoon. Then he continues saying that Baron barged into his house while they were getting dressed-up for a party.

He pointed out that Baron was disrespectful every time he is under the influence of alcohol.

But what really ticked Michael is when Baron allegedly called his daughter Marge on the phone.

“But what really hurt me when we went home, he called my daughter on the phone and said something—nasty words, hurtful words…Siyempre, as a father, I didn’t like what I heard.”

Marge and Michael went to Baron’s house where the incident happened.

While Michael was speaking on the video, Grace’s voice will be heard as well.
Watch the full video here.



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