Bashers attack Claudine and daughter Sabina in this birthday video

Actress Claudine and daughter Sabina was bashed after posting her daughter’s birthday video.

In her Instagram account, Claudine Barretto posted a video of Sabina. In the video it will be seen that Claudine was lighting the candle of rainbow cake. It will be heard that the 39-year old actress was singing “Happy Birthday”.

As we all know, Sabina Natasha is Claudine’s adopted daughter. She has just turned 15 last June 21.

The caption of the video evidenced that Claudine truly loved Sabina, whom she also called as her bestfriend.

However, one netizen posted a not-so-nice comment, referring to Sabina’s reaction to her mother’s act of love.

Claudine and daughter Sabina
Taken from @claubarretto Instagram

In a article, it was said that Claudine did not like the message and responded.

“sorry po galing lang naman ng GFORCE at 1 am o mag 2am gusto mo. Matatalon anak ko.she doesn’t have to please anyone.”

The actress also called out the netizen about the word “AMPON”.


Sabina aired her side and confirmed that she was tired from her dance class.

“sorry naman po hehe I fit so tired from g force yesterday” the post said.

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