Basti Artadi of Wolfgang seeks help for medical condition

Wolfgang’s tisoy vocalist Basti Artadi posted a message in his FB wall about his current health condition and the help he needs for it.

According to the post, he was diagnosed in 2009  with a tumor and has been combating this ailment for years. Eventually, the right side of his face became paralyzed. The right portion of his lips is now deformed, making it difficult for him to sing.

Basti Artadi clarified on his Twitter account that his tumor is not fatal. To temporarily improve his facial condition, he has undergo a procedure called facial sling.

To fund this treatment, Basti Artadi is seeking help from his fans and supporters.

He made a shirt and is now selling it online via Jeepney Rock Stock FB page ( The shirt with CD costs Php 550. It can be delivered nationwide and abroad. Meet-ups is also possible along Mandaluyong area.

As of latest posting from Jeepney Rock Stock , there has been a tremendous inquiry on the Support Basti shirt. Well this is no surprise for there was an outpour of encouraging messages and pledge of support that followedbasti’s FB post.

Basti (Sebastian Artadi) was part of popular Filipino rock band Wolfgang that was formed in the 90’s.The band successfully released albums in Japan and US.

Basti Artadi

Basti Artadi shirts



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