Bea Alonzo confirms being “technically single”

In an interview with ABS-CBN showbiz reporter,  Bea Alonzo divulged that she is  “technically single”.

The conversation between the MJ and Bea went like this-

MJ Felipe- “Pero kayo pa ba ni Gerald”


Bea Alonzo- “Hindi sa ngayon

MJ Felipe – “So you’re single?”

Bea Alonzo- “Technically, but of course we’re talking.We’re okay

The “Kasal” lead actress did not give further details on this break-up issue.

Fans and supporters now ask the question if “BeaRald” is now over?

Last March, the real-life couple became a hot topic. It was reported that Bea allegedly unfollowed Gerald Anderson and Pia Wurtzbach in Instagram. This was during the “My Perfect You” movie of Pia and Gerald. Aside from the unfollow issue, it was said that Bea took down some of her IG photos with Gerald, including the movie’s poster.

However, Gerald confirmed that his relationship with Bea is stable and going steady.

Bea and Gerald were reunited after their 2016 movie “How To Be Yours” .  The two had a relationship back in 2010, when  Gerald  and Kim Chui separated. Bea was Gerlad’s long-time crush and they became an item not long after the “Kimerald” break-up.

Sadly, the Bea-Gerald relationship did not last that long. It was after six years that bea and Gerald’s path crossed again for the movie.

As of writing, Gerald has yet to comment on Bea’s statement.

Bea-Gerald split




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