Bee Gees comment on TNT Boys Your Face Sounds Familiar performance

Bee Gees, the 80’s group has posted a comment about TNT Boys Your Face Sounds Familiar performance. The 70’s pop group thanked the boys for their rendition of one of their hit songs. In a Twitter response,  TNT Boys thanked back Bee Gees for the appreciation.

In week 1 of this reality contest, the  “Tawag ng Tanghalan” boys – Francis Concepcion , Mackie Empuerto , and Kiefer Sanchez took the challenge of performing as the American popular trio -Bee Gees. Wearing shiny  disco jumpsuits and copying even Bee Gees’ hairstyle, TNT Boys”Too Much Heaven”. They sang it live, getting the perfect pitch and harmony. The YFSF judges of course were all in awe of this performance.

Looks like there’s no stopping the TNT Boys from getting international attention!

As we all know, the trio had the chance to perform at Little Big Shots , both in the UK and US. In both instances, the boys received standing ovation from the studio audiences.

Not only that! TNT Boys went more viral when popular TV Host/ comedian Ellen DeGeneres also praised the trio for the Little Big Shots guesting. She even tagged pop superstar Beyonce.

Here is the full Twitter post of Bee Gees.




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