Beware of the Army Navy mandurukot!

A netizen named Garret Go shared his unfortunate experience with the Army Navy mandurukot, which cost him some valuable gadgets (personal and office laptop). It was mentioned that this is the second stealing incident in that place within the last two weeks.

The stealing incident happened in  Army Navy Burger + Burrito Philippines Dela Rosa Carpark Makati Branch.

According to the post, Garret Go was having dinner with his friends in the said food resto at around 8:00 pm. He placed his laptop bag the chair behind him. While they were enjoying their meal, little did he know that he as already victimized by the person behind them whom they thought was an officemate.

This Army Navy mandurukot was described as not like a regular thief as he wore a quite decent get-up!

The perpetrator was said to be wearing eyeglasses, long-sleeve barong , slacks and was carrying a backpack.

A CCTV footage was retrieved that showed how the modus went. Unfortunately, there was no guard around when this happened.

Garret Go is now calling netizens to beware of this guy and asks to contact him in case someone recognizes the thief.

Army Navy mandurukot


Army Navy Makati thief

From Garret GO FB account


Here is the CCTV footage.





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