Beware ! Fake Magic Sarap and Knorr Sinigang

Pictures of fake Magic Sarap and Knorr Sinigang being sequestered by authorities is now trending the social media.

In the photos, it will be seen that authorities (policewomen to be specific) raided a place doing an illegal act. It was said that it was the location where allegedly fake versions of the two common household seasoning were produced. This accusation would be hard to deny as there were a lot of evidence found in the area. There were rolls of packaging of both brands and sacks of what seems to be the ingredients in making fake Magic Sarap and Knorr Sinigang.

Some netizens who saw this post shared their own experiences when they used these fake products.

One netizen said that the fake Magic Sarap and Knorr Sinigang have different texture and taste.

For Magic Sarap, the granule looked crystallized like salt with color and produced either a saltier taste or no flavor at all. Some said that the “hand” in the packaging is pinkier in appearance and the plastic container is flimsy.

Here is a video showing the difference of the fake from original Magic Sarap.

Fake Magic Sarap and Knorr Sinigang video

Fake Knorr Sinigang mix  can be detected via the lining of its packaging. A netizen said that the sealing of the fake one is not refined. As for the taste, a netizen experienced that it does not give out the sourness of tamarind, but instead the dish becomes salty.


*** Credit to photo owner

Fake Magic Sarap

Fake Knorr Sinigang

Fake Magic Sarap and Knorr Sinigang



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