Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia release official statement for their pre-nup photos

Kapamilya stars Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia took a hard blow from netizens just recently.

This is with regards to their pre-nup photos that were shot in Ethiopia. Aside from the fabrics of Billy’s coat and Coleens’s cape that were made fun of by netizens , some also found the photos that had locals in the bakground as “distasteful” and “insensitve”.

In one of the said  photos, it will be seen that there were children around while the Billy and Coleen posed. Another one had Ethiopian women with children in the background.

Many netizens claimed that the photos were racist and Billy and Coleen allegedly showed how privileged they are.

Billy Crawford and Coleen apologized over this issue. An official statement was released explaining that the photo shoot was not only a pre-nup shoot but also to promote the tourism and culture of Ethiopia.

Read the full details below.

As for the fabrics used that became viral online , Billy and Coleen’s stylist Adrianne Concepcion had this explanation via

Given that we do not have specific African prints which are native to their region, our local designers had the creative liberty to render their own interpretations…“I gave designer Ryan Uson a short brief on the commissioned suit. I said I wanted it to have earthy green tones in bold prints to compliment that of Coleen’s, and I think he delivered well,” she said.

“(Uson) used upholstery fabric, bought from a very famous fabric shop that most, if not all designers, frequent for fabric textiles.”

“As I have learned in recent days, the same fabric allegedly has been used to make a modest-looking bag. I see no fault in this as the chances of having multiple designers or sewing enthusiasts use the same fabric here in the country are high,” she added. 

“I personally see it as a show of realized potential of things. That fabric may very well have been sewn into anything. We saw its beauty, used it to make a suit, and it turned out great.”

Billy on the other hand joined the bandwagon by posting these in his IG account.

All around pala ang telang eto… 😂#StylistIsDead #keepemcomin

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Billy and @coleen out! #MicDrop seriously sa lahat ng gumawa nito salamat binuhay n’yo katawang lupa namin pero pinatay n’yo ang stylist namin! Bwahahahahaha 😂

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#Ika6natela 😂

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Goodnight y’all 😂

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@reginevalcasid di kami nag kamali ng tela. Official #songbird unan! 😂 #DeadAko

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