Bimby finally meets baby brother Michael James

Previously reported, Kris Aquino admitted that she was hurt with James’ decision not to tell their son Bimby about his baby with Italian girlfriend. But now, the actress and TV host got her wish after finally settling to meet James’ baby.

According to reports, it was Kris who reached out to James in order for Bimby see his baby brother. “I reached out to James and asked if it would be okay for Bimby to meet his baby brother,” Aquino said. “I prayed a lot for this day to arrive when we’d all be ready, because I just want what is best for my bunso.”

Finally, on Saturday afternoon when Bimby finally met his younger and newborn brother, Michael James.

(c) Kris Aquino Instagram

As such, Kris thanked both James and Michela  for welcoming them. “Thank you James and Mic for graciously welcoming us into your home. Mic went out of her way to prepare carbonara for Bimby and to bake an Italian chocolate pie for our merienda,” she added.

Kris also posted another picture with Michela and claimed that there’s not “perfect formula for mothering except to do it with love.”

(c) Kris Aquino Instagram

“I am grateful that today we gave our sons the opportunity to meet and hopefully have genuine bonding as brothers. Because in the end, the good men we are able to raise will be products of our guidance and unconditional love as mothers,” she explained.

Meanwhile, it was only last week when Kris allegedly expressed her disappointment with James’ lack of effort in reaching out to Bimby.

“I’m not disparaging them [James and girlfriend Michela] because that was their choice. I want them to be also happy and peaceful, because when there’s peace and happiness in the other side, there’s peace and happiness in your home.Pero iyon lang. Nasaktan ako because my son deserved to find out, na sana diniretso sa kanya. Hindi dahil nagselos ako na, oh my God, nag-move on, naunahan ako. Hindi. As a mother, you will shelter and shield your child,” she added.

But contrary to her statement, James earlier aired in a radio interview his frustrations over the lack of chances in meeting Bimby.  He also said he wants Bimby to meet his baby brother.

Despite the allegations, Yap who was not in Aquino’s photos during the meet-up of the kids refused to comment on Aquino’s claims but stated that they both knew what actually happened.

Kris thus expressed how grateful she is as Bimby and his baby brother met, hoping that the will have genuine bonding.

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