Biyaheng Impyerno jeepney video goes viral

Biyaheng Impyerno jeepney video has gone viral.

Posted in an FB page called Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted is video taken inside a travelling jeep. The video was taken by one of the passengers aboard the jeep, seated near the driver.

It will be seen in the video that the jeep was moving very fast.

Then voices of the passengers will be heard saying “Para“.

At first the passengers called out the driver in a normal tone. Actually their voices were quite faint in the video and what can be heard loudly is jeepney’s engine. However, it seemed that the jeepney driver did not hear the passengers and still continued to drive fast.

Until a woman’s scream will be heard saying “Bababa na kami!” .

It seemed that the driver heard the panicking passenger as he slightly turned his head. But still, he ignored them and did not stop the vehicle.

The passengers continued to plead. One of them will be heard saying “Kuya parang awa niyo na po“.

The woman who yelled at the driver earlier, has become very alarmed that she shouted “Tulong!” .

According to Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo FB account, this Biyaheng Impyerno jeepney incident happened in Cavite.

The jeep’s route was Indang-Tagaytay¬† as stated by one of the passengers named Lois Miranda.

It was reported that the Mendez police has issued a violation ticket and has also confiscated the driver’s license.

Watch the full video below.



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