Boy left in Wilderness for punishment, now missing

A 7-year old boy left in wilderness by parents is now missing. According to reports, the boy was left in the Japanese wilderness as a punishment.

The search for the boy left in wilderness is now desperately done by rescuers into his third day of loss.

Boy left in Wilderness

It has been reported by Hokkaido Prefectural Police that Yamato Tanooka was in the mountains of northern Japan with his parents last Saturday when he was abandoned there. Allegedly, the poor boy left in wilderness to punish him for throwing stones at cars and people.

But the punishment turned horrible when hours later, it became apparent for Yamato to be gone, thus, making her parents to do an emergency call to police.

The boy left in wilderness is now reported missing since Saturday in the area where wild bears are known.

Yamato’s father told local Japanese-language reporters that they initially hesitated to alert authorities to their son’s disappearance because of the circumstances in which they left him.

“I couldn’t bring myself to make the request [for the search] and give the reason [for him being missing] as it is because of a punishment,” he said.

According to police reports, the parents of the boy first drove back to where they have left him only to find out that he was not there.

Since then, there were already 150 rescuers who are in search for the boy

Boy left in Wilderness


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