Brother of Gabby Concepcion files case against actor for falsification of documents

A case was filed against actor Gabby Concepcion by his own brother
Miguel Concepcion.

The case was falsification of public documents against Gabby Concepcion and their other two brothersvRolando at Ricardo, which was filed in
San Juan Prosecutor’s Office. The case involves a 890 square meters prime lot in P. Guevarra St., San Juan City that is owned by their 79-year old mother Maria Lourdes Concepcion Arellano.

According to news reports, the 54-year old actor allegedly falsified her mother’s signature in order to transfer ownership of the property to him and to his two other siblings. His brother Miguel said that it all happened while there mother was in the United States.

“How could the mother execute a deed of absolute sale if she was not around? Under our notarial law kasi, the one who executed the document should appear personally before the notary public…If you look at the document itself there are a lot of things that would raise questions. In fact the document as we discovered it did not contain signatures of witnesses. It’s just the mother, even the supposed buyers’ signatures are not present.” said Atty. Tyrone Cimafranca. Miguel’s lawyer in an interview with DZMM.

Miguel said that prior to the case, he tried to reach out to his brother since November 2018, but Gabby Concepcion did not respond.

“I’m doing this for her and for my siblings because she’s still alive, she’s 79 years old and she has to enjoy what she has, what she inherited from her parents,” Miguel said in his interview with Jovit Sucaldito of DZMM.

I have very little to say about how we can proceed pero ang gusto ko lang talaga is maibalik lang, maayos lang. Baka kasi nakakalimutan niya, we’re a big family, we’re a family of six and hindi lang siya yung anak ng mga magulang ko. Baka nakalimutan lang niya he has to share whatever is ours.” he added.


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