Budol-budol modus using clicking keys victimizes spa customer

With all the budol-budol tactics exposed  to the public, victims have always claimed that at one point they were hypnotized by the felons. From a simple eye contact to a quick touch, it was said that one can be hypnotized already. Now here’s a different and quite odd incident of  budol-budol modus using clicking keys.

A Facebook post of Sabina Angeline Samarita-Rosario tells the story of how her cousin was victimized . According to Sabine, her cousin was just minutes away from her destination, which is a spa center when a man was trailing behind her. She was approached by this man when she was about to enter the spa. Surprisingly, though she didn’t know the person, she exchanged bills with the suspect.  

From two Php 500 bills to on the first instance, it was succeeded  by a few more. It was only when she was in her Barre3 class that she realized the she was victimized. What struck her in this incident is the clicking keys alleged to have hypnotized her.

This budol-budol modus using clicking keys happened in Ayala Alabang Town Center and it was reported to the mall’s management.

However, it seems that the victim’s party is not satisfied with the action taken. As said in Sabina’s post -“HERE’S A SHOUTOUT TO AYALA MALLS FOR YOUR CCTV CAMERAS!!!!! Pagtatanggalin nyo na yan utang na loob, walang silbi!!!

Here’s the full story.

Budol-budol modus using clicking keys “A friendly reminder to everyone who frequents Ayala Alabang Town Center (yes, my beloved ATC!)

This afternoon my cousin went to The Spa at ATC to attend her Barre3 class which she regularly does for over a year now. For those not familiar, you can actually have two ways to reach The Spa, one from near Makati Supermarket (where you can be dropped off straight from your vehicle) and one from the Promenade entrance (near Toby’s) with probably a 3-minute walk to get there. My cousin chose the Promenade way.

Going down the stairs, she noticed a man following her. All she could hear was the constant clinking of the man’s keys. Upon reaching The Spa, the man told her, “Miss papalit nga.” Giving her two 500php bills. So my cousin (withouth knowing him) gave him her 1000php bill. The man then again gave her another set of four 500php bills, my cousin willingly gave him 2000php bill. When the man gave her another bill to swap with, my cousin got confused and told him, “Ang gulo mo! Akin na nga pera ko.” The man gave her back the money. So she went to her class. The teacher noticed she was confused and distracted. She knew something was wrong coz she felt weak. She then went to Security Bank to have her bills checked. There they confirmed it was FAKE!

A clear case of “budol-budol.” Apparently the man distracted her into swapping fake bills. And used the clinking sound of his keys to perhaps hypnotize her (I know I read this somewhere) so she was able to give in to the man’s request of swapping bills without knowing him. My cousin complained afterwards of pain in her ears. We’re guessing it was probably an effect of the “hypnotism.” We got ahold of the cctv footage from inside The Spa but the man was wearing a cap so we couldnt clearly see his face. It also didn’t raise a red flag among the staff because the man acted like he knew my cousin. We went to ATC’s security office hoping to trace my cousin’s pathway from the entrance of the mall to The Spa. Unfortunately, we were told that their CCTVs ARE NOT WORKING!! *slow clap*

It’s alarming to know that this kind of modus can happen to anyone. These mga Kampon ni Satanas are spreading like bacteria everywhere! We find comfort knowing my cousin wasn’t harmed or kidnapped(!!!!!)

HERE’S A SHOUTOUT TO AYALA MALLS FOR YOUR CCTV CAMERAS!!!!! Pagtatanggalin nyo na yan utang na loob, walang silbi!!!

Be safe everyone!! Kindly share to warn others. ‪#‎AyalaMalls‬ ‪#‎AlabangTownCenter‬

We filed a report at the nearest police station. Still, they’ll be relying on the mall’s CCTV cameras to see if the man had been there BEFORE my cousin arrived or was she already being followed from outside the mall.

How else will we get these cases resolved if the only thing we can rely on to is unfortunately useless!!

— at Alabang Town Center.”

Alabang Town Center posted the below response talking about vigilance, which caught the ire of some of the netizens saying “Does anyone know how to be vigilant about ‘hypnotism’?”
Budol-budol modus using clicking keys

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