Cacai Bautista allegedly banned from Mario Maurer

Comedian Cacai Bautista has once again made it to the entertainment headlines because of an issue that was a part of her past.

In a report by, it was said that Mario Maurer’s publicist here in the Philippines allegedly banned her from an event during the Thai actor’s visit. In her FB (Kakai Bautista) , she posted in her wall  screenshots of her evidence.

Cacai Bautista

Cacai Bautista banned from mauro mauer

Cacai Bautista banned

Cacai Bautista banned from mario

The said publicist was Joyce Ramirez, lead publicist from Publicity Asia Worldwide.

Ramirez explained her side on why a distance had to be kept from the Thai superstar and Cacai Bautista.

The reason was linked to the rumored romance of the two in 2012, when Mauro Maurer took a lead role in the movie “Suddenly It’s Magic”. According to Ramirez, this rumor has somehow damaged the Thai heartthrob’s career.

Based from my last meeting with the Thai agents of Mario Maurer in Bangkok, they have advised Mario since 2013 to keep a friendly distance to avoid rumors of a romantic affair with the comedian. Those gossips created are false and we are well aware of the source of such malicious story.”

That person has since been banned and as I understand security has been tightened around the actor for all official trips to the country.”

The Thai reps has also kept records of news clips tracked in the Philippines and have consulted with their local partners on how to best manage the negative impact (of the false rumor) on the reputation of the actor….Since the story broke in 2013, Mario has kept quiet and respectful as this is the Thai way thus allowing the malicious and the desperate to propagate a false story. I remain consistent that such lies should never have been promoted in the first place.”



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